Botulinum toxin

In our online shop you can buy various brands of Botox type A ideal for the anti-aging aesthetic treatment of the face and other types of cosmetic and medical uses such as the treatment of muscle stiffness and eye disorders. The most popular brands of botox are Allergan , Botulax, Neuronox, Siax, Meditoxin, Beutox, Nabota, Xeomin, Liztox, Galderma, Croma, Merz, Azzalure, Dysport, Bocouture and Nabota. Botox packs are offered in bottles of 50iu, 100iu, 150iu and 200iu but if you want to buy at the best value for money some of our best selling products are Nabota 100iu, Botulax 100iu or Liztox 100iu which are made in South Korea. We remind you that Korean botox is in powder form and must be diluted with water for injectable solutions with the advantage of being more resistant to temperatures during transport than the liquid version.

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