Dysport Type A (2x500Units)



Product based on Clostridum Botulinum, botulinum toxin type A in the form of a solution for injection to be diluted, sold in vials of 500 units.

Ingredients: toxin-hemagglutinin 500 units with human albumin and lactose.

Storage: Dysport should be stored in the refrigerator at a temperature between 2 and 8 degrees centigrade. Medicinal product that must be administered immediately after diluting and preparing it. Contains no antimicrobial agents.


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Dysport, a preparation based on botulinum neurotoxin type A, the use of which is carried out both for aesthetic purposes and to treat various ailments. In addition to the great classic of wrinkle smoothing, this Botox is used extensively by experts as a treatment against muscle hyperactivity.

Dysport is a medicine, so not only must it be prepared and administered only by experienced and competent personnel in certain pathologies and in cosmetic surgery, but also dosed according to the severity of the disorder. Botulinum toxin is considered a local effect medicine when administered via solution for injection into overactive muscles. In this way, a reduction in muscle contractures is induced, depending on the dosage that the competent doctor deems appropriate.

The purpose of the treatment is to induce the gradual relaxation of the muscles and thus gradually reduce spasms and muscle activity. An exact dosage prevents completely paralyzing the treated area. The effect will be temporary, so depending on the pathology, the professional will evaluate how many cycles to perform.

Many are surprised that botulinum toxin, called Botox, is a derivative of the bacterium responsible for botulism. It is a serious food poisoning that can even lead to death from respiratory paralysis, as it causes asphyxiation. The risks are not only when eating spoiled food, but also when using Botox improperly. For example, an incorrect dilution or by injecting the preparation yourself, without knowing the injection points and risking spreading the product in the body. The spores, then, must absolutely not come into contact with open or inhaled wounds.

If it is understood that there is an overdose, the doctor will need to know whether it is a pure or diluted product, to assess the extent of the damage. In any case, call the doctor or the nearest health facility, providing the details of the incident, and follow the instructions. The symptoms of overdose can be varied, but it is a very serious situation when you have excessive muscle weakness, speech difficulties, difficulty swallowing and especially breathing problems.

Dysport may interfere with some medicines and can cause even serious side effects in people prone to bleeding or food allergies.

Each vial of Dysport is designed for a single injection session for each patient. After treatment, the residue of the medicinal product must be rendered inactive with a diluted hypochlorite solution (1% available), in compliance with hospital and national regulations. In case of product spill, keep calm and remove with an absorbent cloth with a diluted hypochlorite solution. It is forbidden to dispose of the medicine in the sewers or in household waste, as it is treated as hospital waste.

Dosage and administration of Dysport: never exceed 12 weeks and 120 units. Exception made for a different prescription, since botulinum therapy is subjective and depends on the patient's immune reaction. The first results appear after a maximum of three days from the first session, up to a maximum of two weeks. The starting dose will be 40 units per part and this is also the dose to relieve eye muscle spasms. The product must be injected under the skin, at the injection points that only the specialized doctor will be able to locate. The specialist himself will decide how many intervals and cycles of therapy to prescribe to the patient, as well as the dosage. Usually, doctors prefer to start with low dosages and then go up. A simple trick to accustom the body gradually and reduce unwanted effects and rejection of therapy.

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