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Facial Reshaping Injection, also called Facial Shaping Injection, V-Line Injection, Egg Injection, depending on the clinic, is basically an injection to melt fat. Clinics have their own cocktail solutions of various substances known for their fat-dissolving properties. This type of treatment helps tremendously in breaking down fat and releases the broken down fat through our system. It is effective for reducing excess fat under the cheeks and double chin. It is administered via a simple injection so there are no scars, irritation and other cosmetic problems that can happen with a surgery.


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The Korean aesthetic canons, but more generally of all Eastern countries, push more and more boys and girls to resort to the scalpel to change their physical appearance and make it as close as possible to European beauty models. Even if they change according to fashions, aesthetics are so important that in South Korea as in Japan, mothers push their children to make adjustments once they reach the age of majority. In those areas, beauty treatments are not as expensive as in Italy, but they often rely on Botox to correct the features. The perfect face for an Asian is to have less tapered eyes with more pronounced eyelid crease, perfect teething of a bright white and white complexion, according to the ancient tradition that associates light color with the idea of ​​purity.


But what has led to the sudden increase in the number of surgeries carried out especially in South Korea is to obtain the V-line, that is, a small and pointed face oval, so that the jaw and chin area draw a beautiful shape. to V. How come? It seems that Venus is associated with a tapered face and, due to the physical conformation of Asian people, this is unlikely to happen naturally with diet, therefore real V-surgery techniques have been developed in which thousands of children, accompanied by their families, they can't wait to face. Even if surgery and treatments are cheaper, not everyone can take advantage of the benefits of health insurance and often a family has to face large expenses for this change. Those who can't afford it, undergo medieval tortures such as the double chin band to wear in the evening and have a graceful oval, make-up with a defined contouring, transparent patches covered with foundation for a lifting effect and finally botox injections.

It is a real social phenomenon: only the capital is covered with advertisements that encourage new generations to undergo plastic surgery to change their facial features or to use tools that help change the shape of the face, otherwise you are left out. . Fortunately, there is not only the scalpel and botox can help to have a respectable V-line without scars, corrective and painful interventions through plastic surgery and the application of annoying prostheses and with the risk of rejection.


These products are specially designed to melt fat: the doctor has to do is locate the excess accumulations and inject the product to reshape the face. This substance usually works under the cheeks and double chin. All through a very simple injection that will leave no pain and scars except the syringe entry hole. V-line injections are recommended for those with double chins because they have excess fat under the jaw and for those with blunt jaws due to excess fat under the chin.


Injections of Botox V-line do not reduce the size of the muscles or the bone structure of the jaw, two conditions for which it is necessary to necessarily resort to a scalpel and surgery, with all the consequences of the case. However, if the problem is just excessive fat on the face, the product works wonders. The timing varies from patient to patient: on average it takes at least a week for the effects to begin to manifest. Usually, the product is effective from the first application, but for maximum effect, 3 sessions are usually needed at intervals of 1 or 2 weeks. Each clinic and each product has its own secret recipe for dissolving excess facial fat, so the doctor will decide and evaluate together with the patient which treatments to use and the dosage to dissolve the fat effectively with the fewest possible contraindications.

Usually, both Botox combined with loose fatty substances and so-called fillers, such as hyaluronic acid filler, tend to be used to plump certain areas in order to give volume and define the V-line. Hyaluronic acid is produced naturally from our body and is also used to cover wrinkles and is used to give volume to the chin and create the tip of the V in order to define the jaw making it smooth and refined. The procedure is suitable for those with a short chin which makes the jaw blunt and for those who have a mouth that seems to protrude because their chin is far from it.

As in the case of Botox melting fats, even fillers are not able to modify the bone and muscle structure, however it will be the expert who will choose the most suitable for the purpose because different brands of fillers have various levels of viscosity that make them suitable. to different uses. Chin enhancements typically use filler marks that are useful to maintain shape rather than ones that spread evenly across the injected area, just to have the optical illusion of the V-line and tapered face.

Before opting for this medical procedure, it is always better to evaluate everything with your doctor, as there may be substances that are poorly tolerated by the body that can cause even serious side effects and episodes of allergy or intolerance.

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