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Merz Botox is a product guaranteed by a strong pharmaceutical company, Merz Pharma, an expert in the aesthetic and therapeutic fields for years. In case of treatment with Botox, no special interventions are necessary, as it is carried out in the clinic by a specialized doctor. Botulinum toxin, a very complex substance that derives from a bacterium called Clostridium botulinum and that binds exclusively to the nerve cells that control the muscular system or to specific glands, managing to effectively block hyperactive muscles and glands. Merz Botox is also used in both aesthetic and therapeutic fields, knowing full well that it will not be a definitive cure.


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Like all botox-based products, Merz also has reversible effects after a certain period depending on the dosage and injection site, as well as the specific therapy, so a series of injections will have to be addressed regularly with periods of suspension alternating with repetition of the therapy.

Merz, for sale botulinum toxin, is used extensively in aesthetic medicine to counteract the signs of aging or signs that naturally appear on the face due to the continuous action and stimulation of the facial muscles and therefore of the tissues which, when stressed, lose tone giving place to grooves and signs of expression. Botox or botulinum is a toxin, precisely neurotoxin, produced by a bacterium responsible for the formation of botulinum in food and which causes the so-called food botulism, the best known also for the number of deaths. Clostridium botulinum is also the organism that gives this substance its name.

Obviously the substance used in aesthetic medicine is treated for the purpose, isolated, purified and inhibited in the laboratory, so as to be activated by dilution in a specific substance (commonly saline solution). The dosage is specifically designed not to be toxic in the body and also the fact of diluting it is a valid extra precaution especially to avoid contamination by third parties. In nature there are different types of botulinum, but in aesthetic medicine type A botulinum toxin is preferred, since it has greater potency and a longer duration of action in various therapies, especially for those who want an anti-wrinkle effect.

The duration of the treatment does not exceed half an hour for non-aesthetic interventions, and 20 minutes for aesthetic ones. The procedure is delicate, it is not just a matter of injecting a substance, because you must be expert in dosing the substance, diluting it with the right dose of liquid, choosing the best equipment such as syringes with suitable needles and knowing the injection points where to inject the substance. . For this reason it is essential to always contact qualified facilities for the purpose and avoid do-it-yourself and doctors who offer these services at low prices.

The use of Botox as an anti-wrinkle can be effective in combating and smoothing out different types of wrinkles caused by mimic muscles: crow's feet (signs that form in the corners of the eyes); glabellar lines between the eyebrows and vertical lines on the forehead; folds of the lip of the nose, wrinkles on the neck are formed by the muscle called "Plastima" (it is placed in the lateral region of the neck). Botulinum toxin is useful for reducing perilabial wrinkles but not all doctors trust to inject a numbing substance as there are many activities with the mouth and lips, such as speaking and eating.

Merz Botox is not only used to smooth wrinkles and regain a young face, for this reason, but there are also different dosages. Each patient is unique and has their own particular therapeutic needs, so much so that research works day after day to find innovative and, above all, less invasive options and solutions possible for those suffering from movement disorders associated with muscle spasms, such as blepharospasms and cervical spasms. dystonia or spasticity in the upper limbs following a heart attack. For these individuals, personalized botulinum neurotoxin injection therapies may mean an increase in quality of life.

For example, people with dystonia may find relief with a course of injections. They are a group of pathologies that can be classified among the Movement Disorders and are characterized by prolonged involuntary muscle contractions that frequently cause twisting, repetitive movements or abnormal postures. In modern times, the drug of choice for the treatment of these pathologies remains Botox as an injectable solution in the muscles with this anomaly.

Even those suffering from spasticity can opt for the neurotoxin and lead a normal life: by spasticity we mean the increase in muscle tone that can be established with lesions of the central nervous system due to stroke, multiple sclerosis, head trauma, perinatal suffering, section spinal cord or other medical situations. Therapy is based on the combination of physiotherapy and drug therapy. Obviously each subject is unique and there can be a series of causes related to this medical problem, for this reason it will be the doctor through attempts and change of therapy in progress to create an individual therapy suitable to limit the problem with little or even total absence of discomfort and side effects.

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