Azzalure (1x125iu)


Azzalure 125 Unit Speywood is a product sold as a powder for solution for injection in ampoules of 125 IU It contains excipients such as human albumin 200 g / L and lactose monohydrate. It is a product to be used absolutely diluted to improve expression lines and glabellar wrinkles (the so-called crow's feet). Suitable for adults under the age of 65. Do not freeze. It can be kept in the fridge between 2 and 8 degrees centigrade.


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Azzalure 125 speywood units is not just a botox. It is an aesthetic medicine valid for smoothing out the first facial expression lines. Over the course of life, we are unknowingly or unknowingly accustomed to contracting our faces for certain facial expressions. These facial muscle movements inevitably cause wrinkles to form. Azzalure has been tested on adults, there are no known tests on patients under the age of 18.

The reason for this line is that botox is a drug that can have several applications. It serves not only to reduce wrinkles, but to calm muscle spasms and involuntary movements caused by some pathologies which, at times, are truly uncontrollable. In any case, it is essential that this product is administered by qualified personnel who know how to treat botulinum toxin. As the product is pure, it is vital that the doctor knows how to dilute it and in what proportions, using suitable equipment and according to the hygiene regulations of the country.The product must be reconstituted following the instructions on the package and with caution because there is a high risk to run into a contamination, with all the risks that it entails.

Each vial of Azzalure must be used specifically for a single patient and treatment. It may happen that some product is left over but it must be disposed of and not reused again.

As for the dosages, it will be the doctor who, after a careful evaluation of the patient's condition and other factors, will be able to decide. Normally, for those with glabellar lines the dose is 50 units Speywood of Azzalure divided into 10 units Speywood must be administered intramuscularly, in the injection points located by the same doctor by eye observation and palpation. To speed things up, the doctor may ask the patient to frown or make special expressions for this purpose. Before injecting the drug, it is advisable to have a steady hand to place the thumb or index finger under the orbital rim. In this way the hand will not tremble and above all there will be no accidental spread of the product in the underlying areas. On the other hand, you can risk ptosis, or drooping of the eyelid or lip. For this reason, it is advisable to avoid injecting the product near the levator muscle of the upper eyelid or in the areas where this type of muscle is present. The effectiveness of Azzalure is also demonstrated for those with lateral canthal wrinkles. The recommended dosage is 30 Speywood units to be divided into three injection sites, but everything is clearly indicated in the product instruction sheet, which also expresses the injection methods. In this case it is performed lateral to the skin at an angle of 20-30 degrees on the superficial layer, in the external part of the ocular orbicular muscle and obviously away from the ocular edge area of ​​at least 2 centimeters. Also in this case it will be the specialist to look for the injection points and avoid causing lateral ptosis. It is not the case to cause an asymmetrical and above all unsightly smile.

Speaking of the effect of Azzalure, it can last on average between 4 and 5 months after treatment. Being a temporary condition, to maintain the results obtained it must be repeated after a certain period of time, in cycles.

It could happen that, after prolonged injections of Azzalure, some patients experience a decrease in the effect of Botox: the solution could be to increase the dosage or try alternative cosmetic interventions, if patients demonstrate some sort of rejection for the medicine. It often happens that the body gets used to the botulinum toxin and treats it from a foreign body, developing antibodies and making the relaxing and paralyzing treatment ineffective. Normally, intervals should be made between one cycle and another and not to exceed 24 months of injections for 8 consecutive treatment cycles for glabellar wrinkles; up to 12 months of effectiveness with 5 consecutive treatment cycles for crow's feet.

Azzalure is composed of botulinum toxin and excipients, therefore there may also be episodes of hypersensitivity to one or more ingredients. The drug is strictly contraindicated for those suffering from infections or diseases not compatible with botulinum toxin type A therapy. Azzalure can cause inability to drive or use machines, localized muscle weakness, visual disturbances, ptosis, diplopia, difficulty swallowing. , muscle or respiratory paralysis, difficulty speaking: this means that you have most likely been subject to an overdose. In this case, you must promptly call the emergency room or a doctor who intervenes promptly before you find yourself fighting for life.


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