Botulax 200iu


Botulax, botulinum toxin type A available in doses of 200 IU.

Ingredients: Clostridium botulinum toxin type A 200 IU, stabilizer: human serum albumin 0.25 mg and sodium chloride (EP) 0.45 mg. Doses for each vial.

The product can be stored in the refrigerator or freezer for up to 24 months. Consult your doctor if you are prone to bleeding if you are on anticoagulant therapy, if you have muscle weakness or muscle wasting, or if you are prone to circulatory and respiratory disease.


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Botulax 200IU, specific substance mainly used for cosmetic purposes. It is a type A botulinum toxin which, if injected for aesthetic purposes, has the function of at least temporarily blocking the nervous activity of the tissues. Nowadays the names given to this substance cannot be counted, but the most common one is Botox. The substance must be injected by a specialized aesthetic doctor, by means of subcutaneous injections. In this way, you will get smooth skin and a fresh and youthful appearance for a few months.

Botox is not just an anti-wrinkle treatment with a lifting effect, but an aesthetic therapy that is carried out with regular punctures. Not everyone knows that botox can also be a valid medical therapy when used as a therapy for benign essential blepharospasm in adult patients, for clubfoot deformity and to treat spasticity in pediatric patients with cerebral palsy, from 2 years of age. on. Botox is used in adults with cervical dystonia, which is when you have severe spasms in your neck muscles or, in other cases, muscle stiffness in your elbows, wrists, fingers, ankles, or feet.

Botox injections do not involve the same risks as surgery, so it is normal that this is the preferred aesthetic treatment for those who cannot afford to recover or are terrified of anesthesia. The main substance is called OnabotulinotoxinA and is made up of bacteria that cause a disease called botulism. It is a severe intoxication caused by Clostridium botulinum toxins and can manifest itself in various forms, the most common being that through the ingestion of contaminated food but can also occur due to a Botox overdose during a localized aesthetic or medical intervention (in this case is called iatrogenic botulism). The first symptoms are those characteristic of gastroenteritis and then lead to worsening with the addition of respiratory paralysis and asphyxia. For this reason it is advisable to always listen to the opinion of a doctor and above all undergo treatments and therapies under the supervision of experts, as well as promptly notify the emergency services in case of discomfort after a cycle of The dosages are different depending on the type of intervention to be performed, the doctor will evaluate the appropriate therapy for each patient in order to make the disorder at least temporarily harmless.


Being subjective therapies, the doctor will decide how to proceed. Usually, to treat blepharospasm, the recommended starting dose is between 1.25 and 2.5 IU injected into the medial and lateral pretarsal orbicular of the upper eyelid and the prelateral tarsal orbicular of the eye of the lower eyelid. In the case of infantile cerebral palsy, it is recommended to calculate 4U / kg body weight for the affected gastrocnemius muscle in patients with hemiplegia. For those suffering from diplegia we recommend a dose of 6U / kg of body weight divided for both legs.

To intervene aesthetically, the maximum tolerated dose by the patient is not more than 2000 IU. It is essential that the product is well diluted with sterile physiological solution or saline solution before using it, diluting it carefully and not using it if the compound has lumps or a strange color or odor. The first effects of Botulax 200IU last up to six months, and the first results are visible depending on the type of therapy chosen, from a couple of days after the injection up to two weeks, bearing in mind that the final results are visible with certainty after. almost a month.

Like all drugs, Botulax 200 IU could cause side effects that can occur soon after the first injection and after weeks or months of treatment. Botulinum toxin is still a foreign body. A healthy organism is able to organize its defenses, hence the immune response that could neutralize the toxin. For this reason, some patients do not get results due to this reaction. It will be the doctor's responsibility to proceed with an initial low dosage to rise, in order to accustom the body and not frustrate the work. You will increase the dosage gradually, thus avoiding unwanted effects. Speaking of side effects, muscle weakness, dizziness, itching and localized swelling can occur: it is good to ask your doctor for advice who will evaluate the general clinical condition. Do not neglect any symptoms, because botulinum toxin is able to cause paralysis, asphyxiation and consequent death if you were accidentally contaminated. Therefore, it is good to monitor the situation by notifying the doctor.

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