Generic botox, Botulinum toxin type A 200iu


The definition of generic botox means a type A botulinum that offers an intervention by injection to treat various aesthetic and medical problems, for example the improvement of the appearance of the face for those with wrinkles and fine expression lines, or for those who are suffering from muscle spasms, as in the case of blepharospasm. Once purchased, the product must not be injected pure but mixed with a suitable solution, usually saline solution. In this way, the active ingredient is activated and botulinum toxin type A can be used safely. Store the diluted product in the refrigerator to ensure sterility.


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When we talk about Botox, we always think of pricks to smooth the face of wrinkles and thus obtain that sort of eternal youth that everyone, or almost everyone, dreams of. In fact, botulinum toxin can also be decisive for those suffering from specific diseases that cause muscle spasms or uncontrolled muscle movements.

Aesthetic medicine has made enormous progress, so much so that with only a few sessions, a good quality botulinum toxin, well diluted and with an adequate dosage, is able to eliminate the deepest wrinkles as well as giving other enormous benefits to the skin. greatly improving its appearance. Unlike the facelift, it leaves no marks or scars and you can resume daily activities even the same day, after a few hours of rest. On the other hand, however, we must keep in mind that it does not work miracles. If there are deep furrows on the face, it is difficult for a satisfactory result to be achieved in a few sessions, also because the effect of the Botox-based treatment is temporary.

Quite rightly, many people are reluctant to choose generic botox, preferring the big brands. But few people know that the effectiveness of the active ingredient is practically the same, especially if you have to treat vertical wrinkles between the eyebrows. More or less, it works as if we were asking for an equivalent generic medicine at the pharmacy instead of the brand name one. By not paying for the brand, you inevitably save money and the price becomes even cheaper.

Generic botox, like brand-name botulinum toxin, can be injected without anesthesia. Obviously, before carrying out this treatment, the doctor will have to decide on the dosage and how many treatment sessions it will take to obtain satisfactory results. It is important to understand that only qualified doctors are able to understand the suitable injection points, the location of the muscles to be treated and how to properly inject the drug, as well as dilute it correctly. The risk of doing it yourself is that of severe intoxication, spreading the botulinum toxin throughout the body and causing extensive damage, as well as risking one's life.

Each person, then, reacts to the drug in a different way, so it is normal that the dosage and especially the number of sessions must be evaluated by a doctor. Usually, dosages to eliminate facial wrinkles range from 20 to 30 IU of botulinum toxin); for some patients and men's skin, however, the dosage can be as high as 40 IU.

Unlike a real surgery, with botox you have the advantage of immediately resuming normal life. It only takes a little attention not to rub the treated area, not to lie down or bend down for at least 4 hours and even efforts are prohibited. This is to allow the micro wounds caused by the needle to close and prevent the accidental release of botulinum toxin, with even dangerous side effects.

The risks are not to be underestimated, for example it may happen that the doctor injects too much product. We therefore speak of overdose. Well, important symptoms such as general weakness, diplopia, ptosis, dysphagia, dysphonia, dysarthria, urinary incontinence, difficulty in swallowing, speaking or breathing should not be underestimated. These problems can arise even after a week of treatment, so it is good to be careful and notify your doctor immediately. It is recommended that you notify your doctor immediately if you suffer from food allergies or intolerances to any of the components of the drug. The risks are anaphylactic shock, respiratory problems or death.


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