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Hutox is a type A injectable botulinum toxin used in the medical and beauty fields. One of its purposes is to remove wrinkles, but it is also useful in muscle spasticity cases, for example. This product is very similar to Botox and can be injected into the face or body. The product is available as a freeze-dried powder and contains botulinum toxin type A, Clostridium botulinum (100 units) together with sodium chloride and serum albumin. It must be mixed with water for injections. It is a product made in South Korea.


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Hutox is a type A botulinum based on Clostridium botulinum toxin containing 1 vial of 100 units (U) of solution for injection ensuring results for about 6 months. The results may vary from patient to patient but can be seen already two days after the injection, they can rarely be appreciated after 15 days.

One of the interesting aspects of this Botox-like neurotoxic product is its 99% purity level. The Huons company has achieved these results thanks to a new generation production technology.

Invasive plastic surgery in many cases can be avoided thanks to the botulinum that allows you to remove medium lines and even serious facial wrinkles thanks to the natural properties that neutralize the contraction of those muscles that have been treated. The treatment itself is very localized and allows you to focus on problem areas that show signs of aging on the face. Treatment with injectable botulinum toxin takes approximately 10-20 minutes.

In addition to being an anti-aging product, Hutox is used by doctors for problems such as spasticity of the muscles of the lower or upper limbs or even on patients with equine foot deformity.

The injection points that affect treatment with this botox-based product are:

armpits, palms (hyperhidrosis).
Injections should only be done by an experienced doctor to avoid complications.

Always be careful to rely on doctors specialized in handling botulinum toxin and above all who know how to dose and inject the product correctly. A wrong movement, an overdose or an incorrect position of the needle or the patient can have serious and even fatal consequences.

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