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It is a type A botulinum toxin, suitable for cosmetic and therapeutic use. As ingredients it has 100 units of Clostridium botulinum toxins type A as the active ingredient, 0.5 mg of human serum albumin as a stabilizer and 0.9 mg of sodium chloride (KP) as a tonic regulator.

From the latest studies carried out, Botulax has been the favorite treatment of those who have chosen it as an alternative to facelift, receiving a high percentage of approval.


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If you are looking for a fairly inexpensive alternative to quality botox, Botulax is the product for you. This injectable drug is able to act on wrinkles and expression lines, significantly improving the appearance. The treatment, lasting less than 10 minutes per session, does not force the patient to rest except for a few hours after the injection. It will be possible to return to normal life in no time, unlike a facelift or other surgery where stitches are foreseen. It must be taken into account that, although it is not an invasive treatment, Botulax is a temporary and not immediate action drug. In fact, the first effects will occur 2-3 days after the first injection.

The reactions that botulinum toxin type A gives have been thoroughly studied. It can be said with certainty that it is effective, safe and comparable to onabotulinic toxin A. Moreover, the fame of Botulax has reached 35 countries, gaining trust also of the most stringent in terms of health and health safety. Each vial has been approved by the individual health authorities and is the result of decades of clinical practice.

Botulax, being a botox-based treatment, is not just an injectable medicine for aesthetic purposes. In fact, as can happen with other botulinum toxin type A preparations, it can be used therapeutically for benign essential bleparspasm in adult patients and as a treatment for clubfoot deformity with infantile cerebral palsy. aged 2 years or older. Botulax in aesthetic medicine is mainly used for the improvement of severe glabellar lines in adults between the ages of 18 and 65.

As for the dosage question, we speak of subjective clinical situations. Although there are real indicative tables to facilitate doctors and have a reference point, experts will have to evaluate the patient's clinical condition, pathology, drug reaction and tolerability of the dosage. Usually, for everyone, it starts with a low dose to go up, just to accustom the body and not have rejection or ineffectiveness of the treatment. Below, we faithfully report the dosages for the main diseases in which the effectiveness of Botulax has been proven.

For blepharospasm, an initial dose of 1.25 - 2.5 U is recommended (volume from 0.05 ml to 0.1 ml in each part to be treated), injected into the medial and lateral pre-tarsal orbits of the upper eyelid and into the tarsal pre-ocular-orbicular cavity of the lower cover.

For infantile cerebral palsy, a total dose of 4U / kg body weight is recommended for the affected gastrocnemius muscle in patients with hemiplegia.

In case of diplegia the recommended dose is 6U / kg of body weight divided between the two legs: it should be borne in mind that the total dose injected must not exceed 200 U / patient at a time, otherwise there is a risk of overdose with all problems. which may involve.

For glabellar lines, the recommended dose is 20U as a reference point, but it depends on their depth and other factors.

Therapy and dosages can influence the effects of various therapies, but according to in-depth studies, for blepharospasm the results are found in 3 days, while the long-term results in two weeks. In the case of pathologies such as infantile cerebral palsy, improvements are noticed after 4 weeks, while for wrinkles generally after 3 days, maximum two weeks. Of course, there may be exceptions.

What happens if you accidentally overdose? If your doctor has accidentally injected an overdose of Botulax, the effects may occur at the injection site, but they mainly depend on the dose injected. Undesirable effects are muscle weakness, diplopia, ptosis, dysphagia, dysphonia, dysarthria, urinary incontinence and difficulty in breathing and / or speaking. The only solution is to call the doctor immediately to avoid the danger of botulism and risk your life. The effects can occur even after a week from the treatment, therefore it is essential to monitor all the side effects that may arise in this condition in order not to have significant physical damage.


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