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BEUT0X is a botulinum injectable, its appearance is a white lyophilized powder. 1 vial contains 100 botulinum (type A), 0.5 mg of human serum albumin and 0.9 mg of NaCl. Indication: add 2~3.5ml of saline water for 1 vial and inject slowly to check the effect.


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Well known of NEUR0N0X, BEUTOX or B0TULAX  is a botulinum type A complex of purified T0XIN of Clostridium botulinum, manufactured by Hugel or Medy-Tox ® in Korea.

This is a biogenic botulinum that when injected intramuscularly in therapeutic doses partially paralyzes the muscle locally. BEU-T0X is an anti-wrinkle botulinum, but it is also indicated for hemiphasic spasm, cervical dystonia and blepharospam. All customers who have used one of our botulines are satisfied.

This product help treat vertical wrinkles between the eyebrows. The injection can be done without the use of an anesthetic. Before the injection it is necessary to observe the patient's skin in order to determine the size, strength and position of the prickly muscles and the corrugator.

Doses for this type of treatment range from 20 to 30 BU, up to 10 units, while men may need 40 BU.

The product must be injected 1 cm above the edge of the upper handle so as to avoid the risk of falling of the upper eyelid, positioning itself in the muscular uterus. The PERI0STAT should not be touched with the needle because contact can cause post-injection headaches.

After injections, patients should not bend, push injection sites or lie down for 4 hours after the injection. The patient does not have to be physically active for 90 minutes.

The spread of Botulinum type A in the eyelid can paralyze upper levator muscle and cause a transient passage. Always be careful to rely on doctors specialized in handling botulinum toxin and above all who know how to dose and inject the product correctly. A wrong movement, an overdose or an incorrect position of the needle or the patient can have serious and even fatal consequences.

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