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Take Microneedling to the next level!

Dr. Pen Ultima A1 (Dermapen) is ideal for solving numerous esthetic skin problems.

The Why?

1.Convenient and safe in use. Has an ergonomic shape and rubberised handle cover (non-skid).

2. The needle length can be adjusted from 0.25.

3. Has 4 working modes with a different speed of needle submission.

4. Suitable for different areas of face and body.

5. Eliminates different aesthetic defects.

6. The procedure is less painful compared to using derma rollers.

7. It can be used unaided.

The How?

The device is an oblong handpiece that can be conveniently placed in a hand. It's electricity powered and can be connected with a socket with a 1.5 meter wire. It is equipped with interchangeable caps that have 12 needles each. The needles are made of surgical steel. The frequency of the number of pierces per minute varies from 3,600 to 5,400 (managed at 4 speed levels).

The Why?

It helps eliminate the following issues in the areas of face and body:

Wisdom, ptosis;

Dim unhealthy complexion;

Uneven face contour;

Couperosis, acne, post-acne;

Stretch marks, scars, cellulitis;

Enlarged pores;


Whats Inside

1x hand piece;

1x AC adapter with a USB cable;

1x box;

1x Instruction in English;

2x Cartridge for 12 Needles.

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